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Сивостен :: The Blind (статия) - Творчество
The Blind

Автор: Александър Рангелов, четвъртък, 15 юли 2004.

Публикувано в Статии :: Творчество; Предложи Гледна точка

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The man lay frozen in fear in the rickety wagon, still listening to the horses that were now galloping away from him. Until now no one had attacked their small caravan. Elar had hoped they never would. Now it appeared his hopes and prayers had remained only sighs in the wind. The band of raiders showed up out of nowhere and after a short struggle found out that the carts were all empty and left, the thunder of their gallop fading in the distance. He could still hear them, it was why they agreed to take him on the journey - his hearing.

The dust from the battle and the heavy smell of death filled his lungs, but he payed no attention, he had to find her, he had to find his love...Nia. The spiritual bond between them spoke only of pain and suffering. Could it be, could she be hurt, but still alive, still
convinced help was on its' way, still waiting for him.

He stood up and looked around as if he had forgotten he was blind. Blind for nine years. Ever since he nearly died in a fire - a huge piece of the wood hit him in the back of his head and that was all he remembered. Some say he had been lucky because the beam had protected him from further injury, but after the incident he was a just faint shadow of his former self. He mourned his sight every day, he would never be able to see a sunrise over the ocean, or enjoy the calming sight of the endless green woods. He would surely have killed himself if it hadn't been for her....Nia

Elar clumsily moved trough the small wagon, pushing aside chairs and bottles, and ripping curtains – he had to help her, he had to help everyone. The caravan included 15 people and now no voice reached him. Were they all dead? No, it couldn't be. There had to be someone, anyone.

When he finally reached the small steps that led to solid ground a chill wind greeted him - whisling in his ears. He shivered but continued - his love was out there somewhere.

"Niaa....Hello....anyone?" he yelled in the wind – no responce. He climbed down the steps and turned his head against the wind trying to hear a silent answer. No one. He looked for the setting sun with his face - they were traveling east and Nia had been in the first wagon. So he turned his back on the warm light and headed forward.

The wind now blew directly in his face, biting it with it's icy, razor-sharp teeth. Elar walked slowly calling for survivors. There was no one. Then suddenly a mighty roar came to him and he froze in terror wondering what was happening. Then came another, and another and heavy cold rain began pouring over him, soaking his long brown hair, turning the ground into slipery mud, carrying the blood of the slain into the forest nearby.

Elar took out his cane and began studying the ground that surrounded him. His heart jumped in fear as his cane hit something, a body lay motionless on the muddy road. He threw his cane away and kneeled, stretching his trembling hands. The leather armor was sliced and sticky blood covered the shivering fingers of the blind man. He touched the man's hand - it was still holding a broken sword. He moved his hands up towards the face, trying to find out who this was. His hands found nothing... He jumped to his feet terrified. What kind of monsters had attacked them. Trying to focus on the bond and not the beheaded person before him he grabbed his cane and continued forward, praying Nia didn't share this poor man's faith. The signals he recieved were still there - faint but they were more than enough to bring hope back into Elar's heart.

With one hand on the wagons and the other scanning the ground with he thin cane he finally reached Nia's post. But there was no one there - she had abandoned it.

"Nia. Please. Tell me where are you. Please." he shouted to the wind and rain. Just as he was about call for her again a faint sound reached his ears and he instantly turned toward it.
"Elar....over here..." She was alive.
"Nia..." he yelled as he jumped to all four and crawled frantically trying to find his loved one in the slipery mud. A weak sigh of relief came from her when he found her and quickly put her soft hand in his. She was cold and wet, her heart beating fast but weak.
"Nia speak to me, you will be alright, tell me are you hurt" he said trembling and in return heard her wisper with her weary but still soft and melodic voice: "I'm alright, my chest hurts, but I'm alright"
Elar ran his other hand across her leathers and froze, an arrow was sticking out of her left side, passing just next to her heart. He tried to gently pull it out, but it was stuck and this only brought her more pain.
"Heelp, anyone, please" he yelled once again, his scream killed by the deafening thunder storm that raged overhead. He removed his hand from the arrow, lifted her, laid her on his chest and began to gently caress her forhead and wet, long hair.
"Don't worry darling, I will find help." he sobbed and collecting all his strength yelled once again.
"I'm fine, you must go find help" she whispered quietly.
"No, I can't leave you here, I won't" he said.
"You have to, my love, I'll be fine"
He then realized that she was fading away, her heart slowing down, her breathing weakening, her blood cooling in her veins.
"Nia...Nia, no, you must stay with me, you will be alright, please, Nia" he called to her, crying, his warm tears mixing with the cold rain. There was no one who could help, he was all alone. Suddenly the link that connected their souls crumbled and left him to be consumed by the void of his thoughts. He now had nothing to hold on to, no one to rely on, no one to love. He was left with nothing but his empty life. A blind man, as worthless as an old dog. He realized that all the plans he had, all the travels and adventures, all the dreams and hopes were crushed with one accurate hit from Faith's arrow. He had become a man with no future, and no past, a lost soul, trying to find it's way through the maze of life.

As he lay there mourning, covered in blood and tears next to the perfect long-eared maiden he realized what he had to do - it was the only way. His escape, his salvation. It was the only way for him to see the world and his love once again. He took a dagger from
her belt and with a quick motion stabbed his own heart, his lips whispering prayers and his blind eyes locked on the heavens above, lightning and thunder still ripping the wailing world.

Inspired by:

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