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Sivosten webZine :: The top-extremist of the Norse musical scene
The top-extremist of the Norse musical scene

Author: Lyuben "LifeJoker" Zagorchev, Monday, 25 February 2008.

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Strange birds are them, musicians. Irradiated by fame and becoming richer by the second their restrained desire for a dissipated life is ready to arise. Drugs, alcohol, fights and orgies are usual for the rock star. Some look pretty funny with their decomposing noses and urge to kiss a fellow female star on the stage. On the other hand, others like Marylin Manson are more than weirder than the weirdest. But its all a kids game compared to the Black metal wave in the Scandinavian countries.

In the end of the 80s of the last century in the ice-frozen Scandinavia a new kind of evil was ready to blast over the world and through the souls of the proud Vikings successors. These days black metal music was an aggressive symbiosis between distorted Satanism and nationalistic paganism. This, you know, is not only spikes all over your wrists, tasteless corpsepaint or funny poses. Black metal scene succeeded in its mission to shake the moral foundations of a whole society, content with its almost crimeless existence.

Im not going to mention in full detail the stories of the deceased Øystein \'Euronymous\' Aarseth and the still living Maniac from Mayhem. There are a lot of antiheroes in Norse black metal. The self-confident in his trolls nature Håvard Ellefsen (Mortiis) and the autistic Gylve Nagell (Fenriz) of Darkthrone are just a peace of cake. Even Glen Benton from Deicide, the man with the branded inverted cross on his forehead, is not mad enough to be mentioned here. The guys Im talking about are the true essence of Scandinavian extremism.

Bård G. \"Faust\" Eithun (b. 21st April, 1974)

He is best known as the drummer of Emperor, but he has also been a member of other famous bands like Thorns, Ulver and Zyclon. He was also a member of the Black Metal Inner Circle, the organization around Euronymous (Øystein Aarseth) and some other founders of the Norse scene. So, he is presumed guilty for more than fifty church arsons along with other members of the same organization. However, the worst thing was the murder of a homosexual on the 21st August in Lillehammer. According to the grapevine, the victim had offered a private contact which led to him being stabbed multiple times by Eithun. Bard was convicted to 14 years in prison. He served 9 of them and now, much wiser, he continues creating music.

Jon Andreas Nödtveidt (b. 28th June 1975 d.16th August 2006)

He was the emblematic guitar player and vocalist of the Swedish black metal band Dissection and meanwhile he is the founder of the Misanthropic Luciferian Order. Although the Swedish black metal scene is not as famous with its radicalism as the Norse one, there are a lot of semi-criminal acts to mention. In Jons case the act was strictly criminal in 1997 he killed a homosexual of Algerian origin. After serving seven years in prison he came back with a grandiose new album and a gunshot suicide inside a ring of candles. It was due to depression that his creativeness was exhausted.

Per Yngve Ohlin (b. 16th January 1969 d. 12th April 1991)

Best known by his stage pseudonym Dead, the former vocalist of Morbid came in the place of Maniac as a front man for Mayhem. Apart from his chronic depression he possessed some weird habits as the famous smelling death from a bag of rotting raven and authentically buried cloths. During his stage performances he used to cut himself with a knife, surrounded by the heads of pigs and cows. He also used to throw rotting meat at the audience. However, his suicide was the top of the top. He cut his wrists but yet not satisfied with the result, he shot his head with a gun. In his suicide note he simply begged forgiveness for the blood around the room.

Kristian Vikernes (b. 11th February 1973 .)

In my opinion he deserves the first place for the most extreme musician the world has ever known. He is also known under the names of Varg Vikernes and Count Grishnackh, a universal musician with some mental problems. In the beginning he used to be a Satanist, but later on he paid tribute to Scandinavian paganism because this is the real thing in the land of the Vikings. In the end of his ideological development he reached nationalism and anti-Semitism. All those transformations vastly influenced the music of his one-man project Burzum.

When he was young, church arsons were something usual for him with the case of the Fantoft stake church being his most famous act. The picture of the burnt down church is on the front cover of the Aske EP, also available in a limited edition with a lighter included.

The last drop was somewhere when Kristian due to basic differences, idealism, musical disagreement and most of all, business, stabbed 23 times his former fellow Euronymous on the 10th of August, 1993. In front of the jury he claimed this was an act of self-defence and the number of wounds was due to the victim falling on a broken lamp. What a strong argument, isnt it?

As a consequence, young Kristian was sentenced to 21 years, the maximum possible according to Norway laws. In prison he kept on creating music. After his sentence was reduced to almost its half and a couple of months remainig until his release, he tried to escape in 2003. He received a year in addition at the maximum-security prison in Tromso. What a smart guy he was trying to escape from prison in the infinite snow desert.

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