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Sivosten webZine :: Strange Adventures in Infinite Space
Strange Adventures in Infinite Space

Author: Angel Genchev, Wednesday, 14 May 2008.

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If you\'re growing tired and bored of the sapper\'s uniform or solitary games of solitaire, and we\'re talking office here, you might have just found something different. Under the \"Explore the galaxy in 20 minutes or less!\" motto, Digital Eel propose what it seems to be one of the better solutions - \"Strange Adventures in Infinite Space\".

The game itself is quite simple. You get a spaceship, you get a 10-year limit to explore about a dozen of stars, and afterwards you go home with the loot. And the fun starts here. Depending on the quantity and disposition of the interstellar nebulae, and this can be adjusted additionally when you set up your new game, you will have to plot one strategic course between the stars to save the most amount of time. Otherwise, you will be ruthlessly fined for the delay.

You can also expect allies, merchants, artifacts, some pieces of mechanics to gear up your vessel and of course enemies and battles. But the gameplay is also very simple, including only the mouse.

And in addition, there are different random events like undiscovered black holes, supernovas, some small quests to accomplish, and so on.

But the greatest advantage of the SAIS is the absolute randomization, making every single game completely different. It\'s not only the newly redrawn map, but the unlimited combinations of weapons, star drives, shields and of course the valuable acquisitions making the final score, and also the possibility of inclusion of different mod\'s to guarantee a long time of enjoyment.

Even more, the requirements of the game are minimal, the size - even smaller, but the graphics are not that unpleasant, though they\'re not very pretentious.

So if you have some spare time and you can\'t leave your computer alone for a while, \"Strange Adventures in Infinite Space\" might have just saved your day from the overcoming boredom.

Commentary topic: http://www.sivosten.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=203456#203456

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