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Sivosten webZine :: Pixel

Author: T. Hristov, Sunday, 08 June 2008.

In Articles :: Literature; Propose a Second Opinion

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By definition the pixel, besides being a sci-fi novel by the famous Bulgarian humorist Vesel Tsankov is the smallest particle of a digital image. For the nowadays society the pixel is the analogue of the smallest screw in the machine from the times of the industrial revolution. A silent unit without rights, which existence is possible solely into the enormous, complicated organization, lumbering but still working and bringing sense to all its components.

The novel is distributed in an unconventional way - online. Its not really an innovative approach even for the Bulgarian reality, but a really favorable environment for a cyberpunk novel. The first two parts are free access, while for the others one needs to pay by SMS and will receive a password. You can find it in the bookstores too.

But is it really a cyberpunk what I read? It could be cyberfun or agropunk in its different parts. The four chapters are slightly different, by style and content and although they are linked by the plot line, they still live their own life.

First chapter: a courageous dive into the dept of the world. It deals with the offstage intrigues, political manipulations and the governmental structure of an enormous megapolis that is both a fragment of the nostalgic past and sore prison for the survivors in an uncertain and pessimistic future. The action is running lightly and fascinating with a lot of humor that drives you to click with fierceness to the next chapter.

Second chapter: life and being of a common pixel. The world is now dense and colorful. The day-life behind the eyes of an ordinary citizen designs a genuine authentic picture. New threads make the plot even more intricate. There is a breathtaking beauty, a lot of action and comical situations following one after another. Its time for the reader to send SMS with trembling fingers, unsustainable to the thrill to read the following chapters.

Third chapter: the river of oblivion. Deep philosophical discussions near the copper with family-distilled brandy. Apart from the sporadic salad cutting and observations on the underground society of scum, dregs and omnipresent hackers the action is limited to the minimum. And it is still funny, like my favorite scene - a wire wrapped in insulation tape sticking out of the ear... You can find many common ideas from The Matrix like the author confesses himself, but applied to the unique Bulgarian mentality. There is a lot for the reader to consider, while drinking the next beer and proceeding to the last chapter.

Fourth chapter: curtain. All questions are answered and there is happiness for everyone and quite generously given. In general the impression is similar to the last part of \"The Hitch-hiker\'s Guide to the Galaxy\" its somehow sad for the end point to be set here and now. The reader wipes off a tear-drop and goes back to reread the first two chapters.

If I am supposed to express my general impression from the book in a single sentence it should be: this book is a genuinely entertaining and amusing novel that offers us hardly considerable conceptions in the form of jokes. But the diversity of the chapters is somehow a misconception. After the first and the second some of the readers could last cheated in their expectation for an intense action and bulk of events. But Pixel is still a worth-reading novel to the last single bite or page, if you prefer and you dont find the reading from a monitor during job-time the most progressive way to do it.

Commentary topic: http://www.sivosten.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=204458#204458

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