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Sivosten webZine :: Requiem Chevalier Vampire
Requiem Chevalier Vampire

Author: Lyuben "LifeJoker" Zagorchev, Wednesday, 27 August 2008.

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We are all mortal and we all will die some day. Its inevitable despite the fact that we want to delay this moment. And when we die we go to Resurrection, a world unpromised and unexpected, the dark side of the Moon. For some, it could be Heaven but for most of us it would become Hell. Everyone of us will rise in a new shape and the more one was cruel and heartless on Earth, the more perfect that shape will be.

Requiem was not a cruel man; he was just born and lived in an improper place and at an improper time. And he fell in love with the improper woman. But, being a soldier from the avant-garde of the German army and dying on the Eastern front, he gained the right to rise in a better shape on Resurrection, where he began his eternal life in Necropolis in a world of sin. There he became a proud vampire knight.

Requiem Chevalier Vampire is one of those comics that are not too innovative and without great ideas, but are so splendidly drawn that they very easily catch your eye. Among the other residents of Resurrection are the zombies, which are at the bottom of the hierarchy and are used mainly as cannon-fodder for the pleasure of the vampires. Above them, religious fundamentalists become werewolves, weapon engineers mummies, and the highest ranks are the vampires and the ghouls, equal in cruelness and in eternal rivalry.

The world thus created is surrealistic, rich in enormous monuments, flying sailboats and a variety of ugly freaks. Sexuality and violence are all over and not the least skipped in the comics. So they are not a child story by any means. To some extent I would say that Requiem is beautiful despite being overly colored and over-burdening for both the eyes and common sense.

The plot is based on the life of Heinrich, now raised as Requiem on Resurrection, who became a centre of the intrigues in the vampire city. He meets his mentor Otto, the pervert and sinful Claudia, Alistair Crowley and even Dracula. But he will never forget his love, Rebecca, and this will cost him a lot even in the underworld.

The story is written by Pat Mills, the living legend of the British comics, and Olivier Ledroit, who is responsible for the unique pictures. All books are published by Nickel, a company founded only for the purposes of this series and because of the great desire of Mills to establish himself on the French comics market. English versions of the same comics can be found, which are published by Heavy Metal.

Seven books are published so far:

\"Resurrection\" (2000)
\"Danse Macabre\" (2001)
\"Dracula\" (2002)
\"Le Bal des Vampires\" (2003)
\"Dragon Blitz\" (2004)
\"Hellfire Club\" (2005)
\"Le Couvent des soeurs de sang\" (2007)

and five other are expected.

Commentary topic: http://www.sivosten.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=207455#207455

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