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Sivosten webZine :: Metallica - Death Magnetic (2008)
Metallica - Death Magnetic (2008)

Author: Dimitar "Cliff" Stefanov, Thursday, 11 September 2008.

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I have been listening to Metallica since the release of the Black Album. That was the first record of theirs I\'ve ever heard, but shortly after that I\'ve got all of their albums. Ever since then, Metallica used to be Band No. 1 to me. The rebel image, the crazy bass, the heavy guitar reefs, the double kicks of Lars\', and the harsh voice of James were driving my neighbours mad, while I was having the time of my life. I almost knew their discography by heart. After that, Metallica cut their hairs short and released \"Load\" and \"Reload\". Ten years ago it was very common to criticize these albums. Honestly, I also got my knife into them until one day I found out that I liked their music actually, especially if it was played live in front of Metallica fans in the city of Plovdiv. Generally, however, they have taken well- or not so well-deserved rest till the year 2003 when I was totally disappointed with \"St. Anger\".

All of this has remained in history though, because there is \"Death Magnetic\" now. Five years ago could hardly stand one and a half listening to \"St. Anger\", and consequently after that I lost interest in the new pieces they played. With the coming of the release date of \"Death Magnetic\", my interest in the band has reappeared. There was definitely a reason for this.

The album starts with the drum sounds of \"That Was Just Your Life\". One can feel the return to the metal family even with this piece, which sounds like Metallica 20-25 years ago, on one hand, and like something new in a way, on the other. The same is the case with the other two songs \"The End Of the Line\" and \"Broken, Beat & Scarred\". Sometimes, I get the feeling that Metallica have taken one or another idea from their first five albums, but they have managed to develop and interpret it in an interesting way.

The album fourth piece \"The Day That Never Comes\" is my favourite one at the moment. It reminds me of Fade to Black and of One. It starts with gentle, lyric sounds, and gets faster and heavier to burst out with its final solo at the end. After this semi-lyric diversion, the tempo gets faster again. I cannot admit that \"All Nightmare Long\" and \"Cyanide\" are striking or can easily be memorized, but they have definitely hit the right place in Death Magnetic\". After \"St. Anger\" I thought that this band could not do anything to surprise me, but I was wrong. \"The Unforgiven III\" is the surprise in the album firstly, because the piano is not the most commonly used instrument by Metallica, and secondly because there is almost nothing common with the first two parts in it. It is like the most recent Batman compared to the one of Tim Burton. Although I like \"The Unforgiven\", the third part is also a nice ballad.

\"The Judas Kiss\" speeds up and makes us ready for the prolonged instrumental \"Suicide & Redemption\" without any vocals. On one hand, the band plays instrumental after a 25-year pause, but on the other, I find 10 minutes for instrumental too long. In this particular case, I find the piece too boring in comparison to the masterpieces \"The Call of Ktulu\", \"Orion\", \"To Live is To Die\" and \"Pulling Teeth\", of course (although I\'ve been addicted to the latter one). The album comes to an end with the drum sounds it starts with, because \"My Apocalypse\" brings us back to the times of the pure, real Trash.

The fact that I\'ve already listened to the album a few times (and still go on listening to it), and written down this review shows clearly that I\'ve liked it. Metallica definitely sound like... Metallica in \"Death Magnetic\". It is the Metallica we\'ve known, liked, and felt like listening to. The album bears the spirit of the band. This is what I personally could not find in \"St. Anger\", and that, which missed to some extent in \"Load\" and in \"Reload\". Yes, sometimes I have the feeling that I am listening to something old or specifically to something, which I expected from Metallica 10 years ago, but which is coming to me only now. What is more important is that it has come up eventually. Although I have not listened to a lot of metal for many years, \"Death Magnetic\" has managed to remind me why I used to be such a crazy fan of Metallica once.

PS. It is hard to believe, but Metallica play metal again...

Translated by M. Kotseva

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