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Sivosten webZine :: Ca$h (2008)
Ca$h (2008)

Author: Lyuben "LifeJoker" Zagorchev, Friday, 12 September 2008.

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Cash, but where\'s Tango?

Well, he died in the opening scene. Also, there are some very obvious similarities between the movie and the Ocean\'s series, though this one doesn\'t gather that much of a star cast. But when it comes to the plot, the story and even the cinematographic technique, those parallels are quite visible, sometimes even intrusive to the auditory. We could find a way to compare it to some British crime series as well, but, anyway, it lacks the complexity of intrigue. So, it\'s on its own, and Eric Besnard\'s production may be even a little bijou, but only when it\'s not in comparison.

When we\'re talking about cast, here we find the most of the younger stars of the French, such as Clovis Cornillac (in the momentous role of \"Tango\"), Jean Dujardin (Cash) and Alice Taglioni. Their performance is underlined by those not-so-young anymore, but established trademark-actors like Jean Reno and Valeria Golino, along with the lot of well-known or not that familiar faces, whose presence guaranties the well-being of the movie as a whole. But then, again, it still lacks the resourcefulness to top the competition.

As you might have imagined already, the story itself is based upon the lifetime of Cash (Dujardin) - one pathological fraud, planning the hit of the century with or without some of his associates. Of course, it should result in the bohemian vision of caviar and endless bottles of champagne, and - of course - it doesnt turn so well. It\'s quite of a banal plot and character, but Jean Dujardin fits perfectly in the suit of the heartthrob, and the talents, and the finesse of his Cash, leading to the happy end, make him look even better.

Unfortunately for the hardcore Jean Reno fans, he\'s playing sort of a non-that-important role, or at least non-typical. But even now, he makes it just perfectly. And when it comes to the others, they are more or less of an addition to the opposing duet of character.

So, Ca$h is a light-caliber movie, not very deep, but anyways nice. It doesnt really stimulate the spectator to think about the plot, but it lets him float on its stream just until the closing subtitles. And it\'s definitely not boring, though just a little more absence of ideas could push it right into oblivion, together with its maker. Now it\'s quite entertaining, so let\'s just hope there isn\'t going to be a sequel.

Commentary topic: http://www.sivosten.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=208039#208039

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