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Sivosten webZine :: B.B. King - One Kind Favor (2008)
B.B. King - One Kind Favor (2008)

Author: Angel Genchev, Wednesday, 17 September 2008.

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B.B. King - One Kind Favor
2008, T-Bone Burnett

- B.B. King - vocals, guitar
- Dr. John - piano
- Nathan East - double bass
- Jim Keltner - drums

1. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean; 2. I Get So Weary; 3. Get These Blues Off Me; 4. How Many More Years; 5. Waiting For Your Call; 6. My Love Is Down; 7. The World Is Gone Wrong; 8. Blues Before Sunrise; 9. Midnight Blues; 10. Backwater Blues; 11. Sitting On Top Of The World; 12. Tomorrow Night

There are maybe only a handful of records that could be described in one and only word, and it\'s brilliant. And that\'s something hard to imagine, when it comes to an eighty-two year old artist. But it\'s a fact. The twenty-fourth album of the rhythm-and-blues titan B.B. King is a truly memorable masterpiece, it\'s just magnificent.

\"One Kind Favor\" is not exactly an album of songs; it\'s more of a complicated piece of art. It could make you whistle along while you\'re lying in your bed. It could make you jump around, and it could make you draw back; could make you sit still and sit thoughtfully, but, no matter which way, it overwhelms you, even if you dont want it to. And that\'s just because it\'s beautiful. It\'s resonant. It\'s tasty. It\'s a joy. It renders every other sense, save hearing, useless. And its impossible not to get in the mood, when this record starts playing.

But that\'s B.B. King. Even at such a stately age, he\'s one of the gentlest, most tender - and diligent - guitar players of all time. And it\'s no chance that he was ramked among the best guitarists, nor that he\'s the standard for a whole genre, as big as the blues itself.

And though I\'m not that much into his creative works, except for \"Lucille\", of course, and quite a lot of single songs, I might join that group of people who consent to the opinion that this is the best album he ever made. And, if I may repeat myself, at 82 it\'s not an achievement. It\'s genius. And if you skip this particular album for some reason, the loss would be to you only.

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